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Surface active agents — Detergents — Determination of cationic-active matter content — Part 1: High-molecular-mass cationic-active matter

Title : BDS ISO 2871-1:2021

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This part of ISO 2871 specifies a method for the determination of high-molecular-mass cationic-active materials such as a) quaternary ammonium compounds in which two of the alkyl groups each contain 10 or more carbon atoms, e.g. distearyl-dimethyl-ammonium chlorides, or b) salts of imidazoline or 3-methylimidazoline in which long-chain acylaminoethyl and alkyl groups are substituted in the 1- and 2-positions, respectively. The method is applicable to solids or to aqueous solutions of the a

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Create Date: 2021-09-15